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What are the functions of evening bags?

Here maybe the Answers you have in your mind:
-Can be used for matching with evening dresses
-Can carry Daily necessities
-You can relax, liberated from intense work
-Can be set the evening bags with code words
-Can be used in self-defense?
Evening Bags are women’s most favourite fashion accessories at night. When a woman goes out of the house to party, wedding or banquet, you certainly won’t see her without an evening bags and clutches.
For a more formal event, evening bags are used to hold only a few essential items, which are perfect for galas and formal events. Evening bags are best for events where you need your dress to shine and not have a bag that will overpower it.
In Movies of the Europe Renaissance, we can often see a beautiful woman dressed in a huge skirt with delicate handbag attended the Grand balls, dinners; and the exquisite small bag carry ladies of Rouge, lipsticks, perfumes, and handkerchiefs. Today, more fashion girls and women makes the using occasions of evening clutches more expansion, not only carrying evening bags appeared in Grand of occasions such as wedding, and dinner; but also carry evening bags on weekday in free match; when you are in party, shopping and even work also can see the pretty figure of evening bags. Evening bag is essential to the stars walking the red carpet, the overall design become more Excellent and more Bright Gorgeous. So more and more fashion girls and ladies include evening bag in "must-buy" option.
For Work-Life Balance, Try a Carry-On Evening Bag
You cannot work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so please make sure to create harmony in your home. Most importantly, make enough time to lead a healthy lifestyle and do the things you enjoy. For me, I will just try carry on my sexy Evening bags and out for lovely party! It is likely to maintain the work-life balance, and once you find it, you’ll be on your way to happiness and success. 
Queen’s Evening bags hidden code word
In 2007 in a book about Queen Elizabeth II revealed that her handbag has a "code word" function. When the Queen and her guests having dinner together, if she put evening bags on the table, it means that She wished to end meal in 5 minutes. When Royal staff see this "secret signals", will managed to bring the ideas and inform the guest.
When the Queen and guests are talking a walk, if she hung the bag on the shoulder of one side, it means that she wanted to end the chat. Then there will be a staff member came forward to join the chat, so that the Queen can leave and guest will not feel disrespect.
When the Queen attended a party, guests are attentively around chatting with her. If the Queen was boring, then Queen can put her evening handbag on the floor, sending out "SOS" signal. Normally Royal staff arrived within a few seconds and “free“ her from the boring party.
Self-defense, are you kidding?
I guess some people need their hands occupied at all times at night. It's easier to whack people with. Have you noticed: when girls have clutch purses in their hands in movies, they tend to hit people with it? Lol this makes sense. The Evening clutch is already in your hand so it makes a good whacking implement. I'll keep that in mind the next time someone is being rude at a party :)

What evening bags can hold?
The Image of Queen took her handbag Seems to have become a symbol of her. While attending activities during the day, she usually uses Launer handbag, and small evening bag is used at night.
Ms Smith told the magazine in an interview that “like ordinary people, the Queen's handbag always kept some Daily necessities, including reading glasses, fountain pens, mints, indispensable lipstick and a small mirror, as during eating she needs makeup”.
How to carry an evening clutch?
It seems like many evening bags are of the clutch variety, but why they would be preferred over a bag with a strap. Though you'd have to hold the clutch in one of your hands the entire evening, and that would be more annoying than a bag with a strap where you could have your hands free. Is that true?
Sometimes China Evening bags Factory make those Evening clutch bags with straps too but they are removable, but that would defeat the style of it. Plus when you’re all dressy you don’t want a huge purse to take over your nice dress. Evening clutches are to hold just a few thing you will need for the evening, it is a more classy way to carry your stuff than a big bulky bag that you would use during the day and it looks a lot more sophisticated to carry a clutch and you have 2 hands so it is not a big deal to use one.
What occasions will you carry evening bag?
Usually you will carry evening bags for wedding, party, Club, charity banquets, formal dinners, awards party, also when you attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony or walking on red carpet.
But can I Using an evening bag every day? You may wonder if evening bags was expectable to wear elsewhere besides nights out. Is there a rule to this? I know I’m late on being girly! But I do have a business casual job to. So would it be okay to wear there? I know if it’s my bag I can wear it wherever but like is there a basic rule or something that women only wear evening bags like this when parting?
Typically suggests black, brown or tan are most popular. Another is to pay attention to what other women are carrying in specific settings. If you are the only lady with a "glamour" style bag, then you might rethink using it for the office. If however, other women are using small & brightly colored evening clutches, then it would be OK.
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