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Original Impression 2012-2016 YEAR- Collection of Clutches and Evening Bags - Factory Direct- Guangzhou HungHEE

Type of product produced & goods quality:
A: We mainly accept OEM/ODM orders, and Our main products cover Acrylic Evening Handbags, Beaded Evening Clutches, Crystal Evening Bags, Metallic Evening Bags, Glitter Sequins Evening Bags, PU Evening Bags,Hard Case Evening Bags, Rhinestone Evening Bags etc.

To Know What We can Make:
You can check the following online link[google photos] to see what we have made before:
2012-2014 YEAR-Clutches and Evening Bags Factory - Guangzhou HungHEE Leather Goods-Original Impression

2012-2016 Clutches and Evening Bags Factory - Guangzhou HungHEE Leather

To See Bulk Goods On Production Line:
Acrylic Clutch Bags on Production Line

Crystal Evening Bags on Production Line

Hard Clutches on Production line

PU Leather Evening Bags On Production Line

Hope you can find any styles that you are interested.

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