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how to make evening clutch bags, the production process in Evening Bags Factory?

Here what we explore is the production process of evening bags. Not to tell you how to DIY one piece evening bag at your home, but to tell you how to make hundreds thousands of evening bags in our factory.
Evening bags Industry is a new industry in China, because there are too many different kinds of evening handbags; materials also different, blending sponge, cardboard, metal, plastic and other materials and accessories. So, the production process of Evening Handbags should be adjusted, based on different kinds of evening bags with different materials.
In our previous articles of "The Component Parts of the Evening Bag", we know the evening bags are generally classified as hard case evening bags and Soft Clutch Evening Handbag. Here we mainly are talking about the production process of hard case evening bags.
Also in this same article, we mentioned that hardware is the most important thing in the production process of evening bags, because the delivery time of evening bags mainly decided by the production time of metal hardware. Therefore, evening bags factory often mainly produce Exterior Fabric and Interior lining fabric; and finally assemble Hardware, Exterior base and interior lining fabric together.
Generally Evening Bags have the following production process:
Step 1: Designing, Pattern Making, Samples making in SAMPLING ROOM
Design Idea and Sketches from Clients:

Sample Making Finished:

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” The formats of artwork files are not the problem, also no matter that the artworks are computer designed or hand drawn. But Specifying all the details and specifications are the most important.
You will likely be asked to provide certain specifications in your hand drawn pictures, sketches or computer designed artworks, including:
- Size: Height, width and depth (in cm or inch).
- Closure: magnetic snap, clasp, zipper etc.
- Straps or Chains: One or two, shoulder or handheld or both, length and width of straps.
- Color: Leather type and color, interior lining color and material.
- Hardware: Material and plating
- Exterior fabric: satin, pearl, metal mesh, Crystal, Rhinestones, Sequins etc.
- Interior lining fabric
- Additional customized details: Trimming, tassel, tag, decoration, piping and logo, Interior pockets etc.
Samples making process:
- Styling and paper board pattern making.
- Testing samples.
- Samples making.
- Customer review.
- Changes or improvement.
- Shipping of samples.
Step 2: Order Confirmation, planned production, Materials procurement.
After the customer confirms the sample, and place orders to the factory (PO confirmed and factory received deposit). Sourcing Department purchases materials and hardware accessories according to "Approval Samples".
Sampling room makes the PP Samples with these materials, and get the confirmation from customer. After confirming PP samples, mass production of evening bags will begin.
Step 3: Measure and cut the fabric
Storage testing of production materials, Warehouse distributed qualified raw materials and accessories to the production line.
Cut the Fabric: punch cut the Exterior fabric, cut sponge, cut the paper, cut Interior lining fabric and cut side of the package. Some leather or special materials need plastic coating, pressing Mark and embroidery printing.
Step 4: Create the exterior fabric on FACTORY Countertops, Piece the exterior base together
Make the exterior fabric According the PP samples; and brush on the edge of the exterior fabric with glue, dry on the Iron shelf. Stick the sponge to the plastic box, wrapped the exterior fabric on sponge.
Step 5: Create the Interior lining, sewing the side seams
Step 6: Inserting the Exterior base into the metal frame

1.Find the evening purse frame and the glue.
2.The glue is very fast drying and so it is best to do one side at a time.

Insert the tip of the glue into the channel on one side of the frame. Apply a thin bead of glue evenly from one end to the other. Don't over-glue; if you apply a thick bead it will just squish out onto the frame and fabric.
3. Insert the exterior base into the channel. Slip the fabric into place, and then use a small flat tool to gently guide the fabric into the perfect position. If a little glue squishes out, simply wipe it away with a clean cloth. Work carefully but quickly, because that glue is drying fast!
4. When done, clamp/clip the finished side in place and open the frame completely so the completed side is out of the way.
5. Repeat the steps to insert the opposite top portion into opposite channel. Clamp the second side and let the frame dry completely.
Step 7: Assemble the clutch exterior base and the interior lining together
Step 8: put the tags and labels on the evening bags clutches as client’s request.

Step9: Check and clean the product, packaging qualified products

 Step 10: Quality control & shipping