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How to Fight Second Wave of Coronavirus(COVID-19) in the Fall of 2020

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, a second-round of Covid-19 cases is “inevitable” come fall.
“I’m almost certain it will come back because the virus is so transmissible and it’s globally spread,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci during an Economic Club of Washington webinar earlier this week.

Many buyers also worry much or so scary to the outbreak second wave of Coronavirus. But We are not very pessimistic about this. 
Covid-19, This virus is very cunning and bizarre. Many patients have no symptoms of infection; sometimes we think the body maybe have influenza fever, but likely the body have been infected with the new coronavirus. 
We can't be sure if there will be a second pandemic this Fall, but we should realize that for the health of ourselves and the public, we should be prepared for normal epidemic prevention.
If we pay much attention to the virus and actively take scientific measures against the epidemic, we will not have to worry too much about the second wave of the virus pandemic. If we do not pay attention to this virus, do not take scientific measures against the epidemic, then with the autumn influenza virus outbreak, it is possible that the new coronavirus will be mixed up and leading to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Fall. 
How individuals can do the normalization of the new coronavirus prevention measures:
1, Scientific wearing a mask. Wear a mask in a crowded enclosed place and Wear a mask when in contact with others less than 1 meter away.
2, Keep vigilance, pay attention to prevention. Reduce unnecessary contact with outside personnel; Do not have any contact with COVID-19 confirmed patient, suspected cases, or anyone from Areas with high incidence.
3, Reduce aggregation, have enough protection before you go out.
4, Practice your favoriate Exercise at home and maintain good personal hygiene habits:
a. Wearing a medical mask when you go out.
b. Wash your hands frequently;
c. Indoor often open windows ventilation, to maintain air circulation;
d. Regular disinfection of places where individuals are live; Insist on regular disinfection of commonly used items.
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